Saturday 18 April 2020

Live long and prosper with the latest Covid-inspired Trek-wear and homewear!

Rule of Acquisition number 23: Nothing is more important than your health... except for your money.
Whoever runs the Star Trek Shop is definitely a Ferengi. Or possibly an over-enthusiastic public health official. Either way, they've taken on some Covid Crisis inspiration in their latest offerings of Star Trek apparel and homeware. Continue below to check out their new pandemic designs:

There are two concepts they've played with, the first of which here is using the "Live Long and Prosper" hand gesture as means of social distance greeting. This first design spells that out mostly clearly and upbeatly:

As is ever the case with Star Trek Store stuff, this is available on a wide range of products. This particular design can be found as two different sorts of T-shirts, a sherpa blanket, or a poster print.

The remaining designs in this concept just focus on the salute; a slightly more diplomatic way of saying "DONT COME NEAR ME"! One version has the text inside the hand:

This is available as a sticker or a T-shirt:

Or there's a text below the image version:

Which is available as a T-shirt or a poster:

The other line of designs focuses on tribbles, comparing their breeding capabilities to those of pesky germs. There are two variations of this, this first one with just a few tribbles:

This is available as two types of T-shirt, or a mug.

And if you didn't wash your hands straight away, look what the consequences are!! Piles of tribbles/germs:

This tribble-tastic design comes as hoodie, sticker, door mat, or poster print!

I've been mulling lately what the long-term physical reminders of the Covid experience will be; painted markers on the floor, screens at shop tills, etc. Will you be adding a covid-themed door mat to your home to remind you good hygiene habits in perpetuity?

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