Sunday 3 June 2018

Learn Kirk-Fu, with Dayton Ward

Maverick Star Trek author Dayton Ward may be officially out of control! From the writer that previously brought us the first new Gold Key comic in decades, travel guides to Vulcan and the Klingon Empire, and a secret history of alien encounters on Earth in the 20th century, we are now getting an official training manual for the classic martial art, of Kirk-Fu!

Due out in March 2019 from Insight Editions is Star Trek: Kirk Fu Manual - An Introduction to the Final Frontier's Most Feared Martial Art. Here's the blurb:
As captain of the legendary U.S.S. Enterprise, James T. Kirk engaged in his share of fisticuffs, besting opponents with a slick combination of moves and guile that remains unmatched. Is there anyone you’d rather have watching your back as you take on Klingons, alien gladiators, genetically engineered supermen, and even the occasional giant walking reptile?

Kirk Fu is a series of unarmed combat techniques developed by one of Starfleet’s most celebrated starship captains over several years of encounters with alien species on any number of strange new worlds. A blend of various fighting styles, Kirk Fu incorporates elements of several Earth-based martial arts forms as well as cruder methods employed in bars and back alleys on planets throughout the galaxy. It is as unorthodox in practice as it is unbelievable to behold. In unabashed celebration of James Kirk’s singular fighting skills, Star Trek: Kirk Fu Manual is an easy-to-use training guide for the new student, including excerpts from Kirk’s own notes and personal logs. With proper training and practice, every Starfleet cadet can become one with Kirk Fu.
Hopefully this will be entertainingly illustrated as well, but any such credit, and the cover, are still to come. We do know it will come in at 64 pages, and be a hardcover release.

Meanwhile elsewhere in the Ward-verse, two IncrediBuilds wooden model kits, also from Insight Editions, are due out this month, the TOS USS Enterprise and the USS Enterprise-D. Both come with books detailing said ships by Dayton, who shared this shot of both sets unpacked, giving a nice idea of what you're getting.

You can find more images and details of these in one of my previous reports.

To keep track of all the latest Star Trek book releases, hit the books button on my 2018 schedule page (or 2019 for this latest addition, but there's not much else there yet!). You can also find series reading lists and author bibliographies on my dedicated Star Trek lists site, including a list of all Dayton Ward's previous books.

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