Saturday 30 June 2018

Anovos' latest Star Trek uniform replicas

Anovos are diving deep into the Star Trek uniform wardrobe with their latest release, the TOS movie era bomber jacket! Continue below to check out that, and their other recent garments.

First seen worn by Fleet Admiral Morrow in the Search For Spock, but perhaps more prominently worn by Captain Kirk in The Final Frontier, the bomber jacket is one of those curiosities of the upper ranks of Starfleet, who seem to have a bit more variety in their uniforms than the rest of the service.

As ever Anovos have figured out every detail of this design to create their perfect replica. The suede jacket includes the movie-era Starfleet insignia badge, and built in belt buckle (but you'll have to add on your own rank insignia, sold separately). The first batch, which have quickly sold out, are expected to ship early in 2019 (you can sign up to get a notification for future runs though).

Anovos are also re-issuing  the TOS movie era maroons uniform, with an updated design which allows for easier customisation, and perhaps most notably a cleaned up belt buckle (rather than the "warts and all" replica using original molds used the first time they released this). This new wave is expected to ship by the end of the year.

Another jacket comes from the 24th century; the admiral's uniform jacket, which went up for pre-order back in January, and with only 50 being produced this year has also sold out for now (but again there is a sign up list - It's expect to arrive in the autumn. It looks pretty neat, and it too comes with a nicely detailed belt!

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