Thursday 8 June 2017

Movie Park's Star Trek roller coaster launches

After a year of teasing its construction, Movie Park Germany's Star Trek roller coaster, Operation Enterprise, has now opened! The TNG themed ride is the only Star Trek theme park attraction in the world right now (with the old Borg Assimilator closed, and other planned attractions not making it to reality yet), and there's more on offer than the ride, with a section of the park now Star Trek themed, including some really fun features. Let's check them out:

Revealed in photos celebrating the launch of the ride, and perhaps more exciting than the roller coaster itself, the Operation Enterprise experience includes the chance to walk through a full sized recreation of the USS Enterprise-D bridge! Complete with active Borg attack on the viewscreen.

The ride's story gives a good reason for visitors to be able to roam the bridge, and the absence of the regular crew:
The crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D was on its way to a Federation conference when they were attacked by the Borg. The entire crew has been transported to the Borg vessel and their unmanned ship is now being held by a tractor beam. Both crew and ship are incapacitated.

As new cadet on a nearby vessel you beam aboard the derelict Enterprise. From there, you will take a small shuttle craft to go on the mission of your life: Break through the enemy shields and disable all main systems. Save the crew of the Enterprise during this spectacular rescue mission and successfully complete the holodeck simulation.

Also part of that experience are visiting a transporter room and holodeck:

You'll also get to check out some cool models of Trek ships, like this Borg Cube:

Another photo of the model being delivered to the site when it was under construction was shared on one of Movie Park's construction reports on Facebook. That also revealed there's a large model of the Enterprise-D somewhere on the site (not pictured in any of the final promo pics alas):

The official website for the ride gives us a good view of the wider site, dressed up to look like a Starfleet Academy Recruitment Center:

Naturally there's a shop full of Star Trek goodies on site too:

Oh yeah, and there's the minor matter of the actual roller coaster! Naturally the cars are dressed up to resemble a shuttlecraft of sorts, and launch from a shuttlebay. The ride features a 40-meter-high twisted half pipe; unique in Europe apparently.

But wait, there's more! To add to the experience Movie Park have commissioned their very own soundtrack for the ride, featuring classic Trek themes, and stirring brand new music too. Here's a video discussing it (YouTube's auto translate subtitles might help non-Germany speaking viewers):

And here's a few photos Movie Park shared from the recording of the music by the Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra.

Star Trek: Operation Enterprise is open now, in Movie Park Germany!

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