Tuesday 23 August 2016

More model ships coming with Star Trek Beyond home video releases

The first batch of announcements for the Star Trek Beyond home video releases included a set that comes with a model of the USS Franklin, and now it seems even more little model ships will be joining the Beyond discs.

Available via Amazon in Germany is a set which includes three little ships: The USS Franklin, USS Enteprise, and a swarm ship. I'm fairly these are the same models previously offered as cup-toppers, but it's ice they're being made available by another route if you couldn't find any at a cinema.

In the US Walmart are also listing a set which comes with three model ships, and I think it's a fairy safe bet that will be the same collection seen here,with the US version of the bluray of course.

Germany will also have the option to get the set with the single larger model of the Franklin, the latest country to have listings for it, joining the US, UK, and Canada.

StarTrek.com recently revealed the various home video releases are expected to arrive on the 31st of December, which seems oddly late to me, and misses the Christmas season entirely!

UK listings for the steelbook version of the bluray have also been updated with a new version of the cover, now using the Motion Picture inspired poster design. Is this the final form?

Another steelbook, containing all the nuTrek films, is also available from Zavvi in the UK, and they have also updated their listing with a new cover, this time updating the previous Star Trek: The Compendium artwork to reflect the three films offered in the new set.

In other home video news, Amazon in Canada recently added a listing for a bluray release of The Animated Series, which they are expecting to come in November. I assume listing will appear in other markets soon too. This is pleasingly not too long a wait for a standalone release of the series, following the first bluray offering in the TOS mega set (which includes all of the TOS TV and film titles) in September.


Unknown said...

I am very sure that the 31st of December is just a placeholder for an unknown release date.

Unknown said...

Does anyone know if the ships can be removed from the stands? or are they all one piece?

Regardless I know I will get them, they remind me of the Micro Machines from the 1990s. The larger Franklin model looks great, an obvious purchase. But I must say I really hope Eaglemoss get ALL of the ships from the movies made (seeing how there are only three main ones). I would love a special edition of the updated Enterprise (with the swooped back nacelles) as well as a Franklin.

Zim said...

These ships are actually movie theater soda cup toppers that were available at some theaters. I got mine in Canada

Zim said...

The ship "stand" is actually fused to the ship, so no it can not be separated as the "stand" is actually the part that inserts into the soda cup lid.

Unknown said...

How big are they?

Are they "Eaglemoss" or "Micro Machine" sized?

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