Thursday 25 August 2016

Kelvin timeline USS Enterprise joins the F-Toys model ship range

Back in 2008 Japanese maker little models (which come packaged with sweets!) F-Toys released a range of Star Trek starship models. Now they are reissuing that original "Starfleet Collection", with one new ship in the range; the Kelvin timeline USS Enterprise (original configuration).

I don't know where that USS Excelsior style dark ring on the saucer came from, but I kind of like it!

Distributor Platz has this set for release in October. The rest of the range is reissues of the previously released Enterprises NX-01, NCC-1701, and NCC-1701-D, plus the two pack USS Defiant which comes with a second cloaked version of the ship.

The original line-up also included a refit USS Enterprise, but the Kelvin timeline Enterprise appears to have taken its place this time. See my Trek Collective List for a look back through all the F-Toys releases.


The Voice of My Conscience said...

Anywhere we can preorder this?

Shadowknight1 said...

Actually, if you look at the Enterprise in certain shots during the movies, there is a ring of panels on the underside of the saucer that is slightly darker than the rest of the saucer panels, so that's pretty accurate. Strange to say that a small scale ship like that one may be more accurate than even Eaglemoss's. Even if it has fewer details overall.

Anonymous said...

How can one get this in the uk?

mark bernero said...
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mark bernero said...
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