Thursday 3 December 2015

Lots of ways to drink something green

I hope you're thirsty, as I've got a drinks cabinet full of new Star Trek barware to share today. First up, a really fun new creation from ThinkGeek: The transporter pad coaster (which comes in a set of four), which has both light and sound effects that activate when you put your drink down, and pick it up. As you can see in the video below, it's a good effect, although you might also be relieved to know the sound can be muted to ensure you don't get transporter psychosis from all the noise!

Meanwhile over in the Star Trek Shop, you can get a set of six wine charms, each sporting a TNG style Starfleet delta, in various colours:

Launched around the same time as the wine charms are these curious angled wine glasses, also sporting the TNG delta. Alas these have already vanished from the shop!

ThinkGeek have alternative glassware to offer though, in this set of four TOS delta pint glasses, representing all three department colours, plus a plain ol' clear one.

If you prefer your drinks obscured, Aquarius have two new mugs on the way (Entertainment Earth expect them to arrive in January), One featuring the ever expressive "Many Emotions of Spock", and the other a simple Starfleet Command logo.

Finally, I suppose you might want something to drink in all these containers, and the Federation of Beer should be able to help, with their latest offering, Vulcan Ale: Genesis Effect, a Red Session IPA developed by Shmaltz Brewing Company. It apparently "uses a blend of hops meant to invoke a sense of intergalactic wonder and adventure".


Unknown said...

I would buy if it had swirling lights that project upwards into the glass so it looks like the transporter effect was swirling in your drink. But just some LED's and sound effect...meh not good enough for my wallet.

Slow Marks said...

Never before taking Green drink I felt such immediate cleansing and calming. I can't even imagine how great I'll feel after months of use. So thankful I found this product. I cannot say enough good things about it.

JSkagnetti said...

Warning on those light-up Star Trek coasters. Pretty much everybody I knows calls them the 'horrible noise makers' and I get yelled at when the sound is on. It is rather loud and drags way on but the light up feature is nice. I'm glad they have a light only option.

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