Monday 14 December 2015

Star Trek Beyond trailer released!

The first trailer, and first look at pretty much anything (officially), from Star Trek Beyond has been released! It's pretty different for a Star Trek trailer, and looks like the nuTrek crew are going to much more exotics places this time. Looks fun to me; check it out below! UPDATE: And continue below for screencaped scrutiny of everything we can see!

I've screencapped just about ever shot from the trailer, so we can have a close look at what we've been shown so far. The big thing jumping out to me is that this looks like another really bad day for the poor old Enterprise, which at the very least gets blasted to pieces at all its vulnerable narrow bits, and maybe even crashes (though we've all seen that kind of trailer misdirection before). The alien baddies are small and numerous, and seem to have no problem destroying themselves to take down the Enterprise.

Perhaps the most telling shot is the over the shoulder shot of (presumably) Kirk from inside an escape pod, leaving the bridge and then showing what looks like the broken saucer of the Enterprise impacting mountains!

Whatever happens to the Enterprise, for at least some of the film the crew and ship are separated, as Kirk's "no ship, no crew" lines attest. Kirk doesn't seem to be the only one that abandoned ship, as we see several other crew-members disembarking from pods, including a new alien with pinkish hair/tentacles that features several times in a trailer (that might be Lydia Wilson, who was announced as an addition to the cast a while ago).

Much of the crew, including Uhura and Sulu, seem to end up captive on the planet which features most prominently.

But a few of our heroes end up elsewhere. We have McCoy and Spock  looking after each other to look forward to (until Spock is whisked away by a curious new transporter effect at least).

While Scotty seems to have got planetside inside a torpedo (which promptly falls of a cliff)!

The most prominent character it entirely new, a striking white alien with black markings (Sofia Boutella), who seems to be an able fighter, and on our side.

A nice action-oriented twist on the Voyage Home jump into transporter beam trick there. Could the transporter room Kirk and this new alien arrive in be part of the unknown ship most of the main characters seem to end up on at some point?

Meanwhile back on the Enterprise, what looks to be the main bad-guy (is that Idris Elba??) seems to board the ship (did he arrive on one of those little fighters?), and tosses Kirk about a bit.

Running around on the broken Enterprise also features. Surely post-crash, or no-one could breath in these exposed corridors?

There is also another planet (or part of a planet), which looks much more metropolitan and Federation, and also seems to be under attack from those same aliens.

And to finish, an assortment of shorts of our heroes, doing things unknown at this point:

You can see this trailer on the big screen at the end of the week, when it was due to get its big reveal to a huge audience, being attached to Star Wars: The Force Awakens (I guess it being leaked prompted Paramount to bring forward the online release).

While I'm sure we can look forward to lots more trailers too, it's not until late July we can see that film (the initial early July date was pushed back a bit due to rejiggling around other film releases)

To keep track of all the latest information on Star Trek Beyond, check out my Star Trek Beyond guide page.


Unknown said...

Oh man...

I wish Star Trek could be "boring" again.

Jim said...

Looked like TOS, plenty of action, fun, aliens and strange new worlds and new civilisations to explore. I'm ready to boldly go.......again.

Cronos6939 said...

Looks exciting, but parts of it are just too action-y——Scotty clamoring up the torpedo, jumping to the cliff, and hanging on with a fingertip——I don't care for that level of ludicrous in any movie.

Spock is wearing a different jacket from the other crew, and the shoulder patch says something like USS Franklin.

Unknown said...

I know we are seeing a trailer,but so much of Star Trek has been thrown out the window. IMHO - It makes this movie a mindless action flick. I hope it bombs at the box office.

Fox said...

While it may be premature to judge *this* movie, every Star Trek movie after First Contact has been progressively worse, produced by people with less and less fondness (or even familiarity) with the franchise.

Given what's happened before, I fully expect that this movie will "fail," at least partly due to being deliberately sabotaged by the producers, and that "failure" will derail the new TV series before it even gets off the ground, and the brand will be retired again.

ANCHOR said...

If 2nd and 3rd letters are "RA", just maybe "USS BRADBURY"...? Spock was assigned her in STID.

David Rothman, GMU MSW Student said...

Well Nemesis was penned by Logan, who is a huge fan. Orci is a huge fan as well. Familiarity doesn't guarantee success. Nick Meyer was not a fan and he directed TWOK, so...

David Rothman, GMU MSW Student said...

Well Nemesis was penned by Logan, who is a huge fan. Orci is a huge fan as well. Familiarity doesn't guarantee success. Nick Meyer was not a fan and he directed TWOK, so...

Lance said...

I and some Trekkies put together an article about what Abrams has done with Trek and what we think he'll do for Star Wars. We finish with a poll to see if Star Wars will be better served by the Abrams/Disney combo or not.

Fox said...

Re: David -- I suppose, then, I mean that both familiarity and a respect/affection for Star Trek are to be desired. I don't know about Orci's familiarity with Star Trek, but from his scripts, I think it's pretty clear he's *not* very familiar with it, nor does he treat it with much respect. And, of course, JJ Abrams is notorious for disliking Star Trek.

As for Nick Meyer, you're kind of correct--when he first got the job, he didn't know a thing about Star Trek. But what do you think he did after he got the job? He watched it. All of it. That's why TWOK feels like such a natural extension of TOS--he approached it as a "new" fan, not someone filtering his opinion through nostalgia or desperate to appease long-time fans (one of the many flaws of the JJ movies).

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