Thursday, 15 October 2015

Starships Collection's shuttlecraft arrive + USS Kelvin and dedication plaques

The much anticipated shuttecraft set from Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection is now available to order in the UK. Included are the TOS-era Galileo, TNG type 6 Goddard of the Enterprise-D, DS9's type 10 shuttle Chaffee of the Defiant, and Voyager's type 9 Cochrane. The four shuttles are smaller models than regular issues, about seven centimetres long on average, and also some with smaller magazines, eight-page booklets for each ship. As a sweetener, also included are four brand-new Okudagrams, printed on plastic sheets, and held upright with little stands.

As forewarned, due to being a smaller production run, these are, despite their smaller size, going to be more expensive than regular issues. The UK price is £75, although you can take that down to £55 using a promo code which is being emailed to subscribers (and might be circulating on Twitter too...). As ever, they will be released in other markets later (some of which have offered them as a premium subscription extra). Continue below for more views of the shuttles, and some other updates from the collection:

The four shuttles and the USS Kelvin special issue (which is due for release imminently), were also on display at the New York Comic Con over the weekend. Thankfully fan of the series Tom Tsang, was there to ask questions and take photos, including some really good shots of the shuttles, all of which he shared on the collection's Facebook page (where you can find a few more images and further notes from Tom):

Talking to the collection's manager, Ben Robinson, who was also at the convention, Tom also reports that the series will be continuing beyond ninety issues! Additionally he learnt the Narada is in line to be one of the special issues, presumably the seventh, as they tend to be announced in the order they arrive.

Finally, the Eaglemoss online shop also now has a listing up for the USS Kelvin special issue, including some new images of the magazine and model:

UPDATE: Eaglemoss have now put two new dedications plaques for sale on their website too! Following on from the previous Enterprise-D plaque, you can now add the USS Voyager and USS Defiant to your collections. A plaque for the TOS USS Enterprise is also on the way, but not available just yet.

For a listing of all the ships in the Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page.

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Unknown said...

Even with the discount code these are too expensive, £45 then I'd buy but £55 no chance.

Doctacosa said...

That is one classy packaging for the shuttles! I love how they include Okudagrams for each one.

I'll be looking forward to any news about their availability in Canada... which I expect to take some time, since we still don't know anything about the Special issues.

Unknown said...

Be nice if there was a discount for those of us who have been subscribing for over 50 issues.

Anonymous said...

Please don't complain about the 75£ or 55£.

In germany we will pay 150EUR for these, that's 110,40£.

(Because with the german premium subscription, that includes the 4 shuttles, costs every issue 16,49€ instead of 14,99€. 1,50€ * 100 issues = 150€!)

Isn't that a great gift for loyal customers? -_-

I would like to see more shuttles, like the Type 7, Type 8, Type 15, Shuttlepod 1, Kazon shuttle, Na'Far Shuttle or Rom shuttle.

Tommunist said...

Shuttles are expensive, but nicely packaged. As a US customer, I'm interested.

Disappointed in the dedication plaques a bit. The picture I saw on Twitter of the 1701's plaque looks great, but the Defiant and Voyager here aren't authentic. As seen here:
The lettering on the names should be raised, just like the ship name, and not in black writing. The 1701D is correct, and these just seem to follow that template and color scheme. The Franklin Mint versions also did this with Voyager and Defiant. But the ones that used to be up on were screen accurate.
However, these are a lot cheaper!

If they plan on doing plaques for the 1701A,B and C, I'm more likely to pick the whole lot.

Unknown said...

The Romulan shuttle is already confirmed but does not have a number yet.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's not really "confirmed" until it gets a number by Ben.

Many ships were confirmed like this in the past and got removed from the list sooner or later.

But there is not much space left from the last announced issue #73 to [beyond-]#90.

And there are about 200 unique ships left from the (canon) Trek Universe, we could have in the collection. That's the reason, I do my daily suggestion list issue (Link).


BTW: Ben stated via twitter (Link), that german premium subscribers will get all the shuttles before issue #100. So my calculation from above is wrong - hopefully.

He did not answer my question, why we should retain the premium subscription, after getting the shuttles. (Link1) (Link2)

Unknown said...

I have been subscribing since issue 2, including all the specials, even though they have largely been crappy NuTrek designs and it would require a serious discount for me to even consider these. I'm not paying £75 for 4 tiny little models. I'm also not paying £55 for 4 tiny little models, models i might add that come with a magazine that is less than half the normal size. I suppose because of the Okudagrams, we can let that slide.
I would consider purchasing these if they were the same price as a normal sized issue (X4 for this package obviously), as it is, not going to happen.

Bella Tran said...

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Anonymous said...

By the way, to clarify my lines from above: Ben wrote meanwhile that perhaps the German premium subscribers will get more gifts after we get the shuttles. (Link)

Gojirasaurus said...

I'd like to know what the actual USA pricing will be, but that we still don't have the Japan-only DeAgostini TNG Borg Cube released in the states yet is something that ought to be rectified before any talk of shuttles. The thing is there's not enough promotion about the fact the damned thing even exists and that us in the west don't have it.

Hmm, forty votes away now:

Maybe if enough tell their friends, Ben will comment on this poll as well...

Gojirasaurus said...

Woo. That was quick! The petition got the required votes. :)

Anonymous said...

The petition is just at 1000 votes. Ben from Eaglemoss required 5000 signatures for the USS Titan. Probably he won't care for 1000 votes.

Unknown said...

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