Saturday 15 November 2014

New apparel previews (updated)

Page created 13th November 2014. Last updated 15th November 2014.

Crowded Coop's big range of Star Trek bags and other accessories is just starting to make its way into the world, and ThinkGeek have added many items in the collection to their Star Trek offering. As is typical of ThinkGeek, they have some excellent product photos, giving us the best look yet at these new designs. So let's check them out (continues after the jump)

The red Uhura make-up bag has a magnetic flap with a built in mirror on the inside, surrounded by golden Star Trek themed prints. And just so you know who's bag you're borrowing, it has a little Uhura signature on the front.

The tote bag in the retro tech collection features a graphical USS Enterprise with department colour contrails, zipping past a planet. The print interior is blue for this one:

The same Enterprise motif also appears on the retro tech ladies wallet, which features a more subtle grey interior print:

UPDATE: ThinkGeek have added another two items to their range. Also from the retro tech collection is the backpack:

And there's the smaller command dopp bag:

Rather fun, is the USS Enterprise messenger bag, with it's saucer styled flap and nacelle inspired clips. This one has a blue interior too:

And also new in the ThinkGeek catalogue, and based on the Enterprise, is the Underground Toys USS Enterprise watch, featuring the saucer as the watch face:

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