Saturday 22 November 2014

1:350 scale USS Reliant from QMx

QMx have announced a second artisan replica model of the USS Reliant. Earlier in the year they revealed their 1:250 scale model, complete with fully fitted out shuttlebays, and all the impressive details and lighting one expects from one of QMx's model ships. And now they've previewed a smaller 1:350 scale version, which at just under $5000 is half the price of its larger sibling.

The new sixty-eight centimeter long version still has all the high quality details and finishes we've come to expect from the artisan replica range (though no shuttlebays on this one), representing one-hundred-and-fifty hours of work by five of QMx's artisans. Like all ships in the range, you can also customise it, with options to change the base, add battle damage, or anything else you'd care to request, if the artisans can pull it off.

Perhaps most importantly, the small size means it is also perfectly in scale with QMx's artisan replica USS Enterprise refit, ready to recreate scenes from The Wrath of Khan (and if you just want all ships at one scale, the NX-01 artisan replica is also 1:350). This will be a limited edition of two-hundred-and-fifty ships. Lots more images after the jump:

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