Friday 25 July 2014

Starbase 11, the Lego version

Well, sort of. As you might recall from the Drex Files in Exile article on the Star Trek influences born out of the New York World's Fair, the flying-saucer-esque observation towers known as the Astro-View were the inspiration for part of Starbase 11, in Albert Whitlock Jr.'s iconic matte painting.

Well it seems talking to Doug has given me a bit of the World's Fair bug, as when I was fiddling about with my Lego the other day I found myself starting to build the Astro-View. A little while later I had created the model you see here.

My model includes a working elevator (in so much as you can clip it to any point on the rails it would have glided between back in it's operational days), and a row of luminaires (the distinctive street lights that could be seen throughout the fair).

Pleased with my little model I also decided to submit it to Lego Ideas, where, if ten-thousand people support the project, Lego might consider producing it as an actual Lego set. So if you'd like an almost-Starbase 11 set, please do go and add your support to the project.

PS, my Lego King Kong project is also still seeking support on Ideas, I'd be delighted if you could support and share that project too!

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