Thursday 10 July 2014

Latest Star Trek figures

Some figures news here, starting with another San Diego Comic Con exclusive bobble head from Bif Bang Pow. Joining the previously announced Data/Geordi Holmesian two-pack, there will also be a Seven of Nine bobble head, depicting her in the red dress seen in the episode Human Error.

Back at Toy Fair, Bif Bang Pow did announce they plan to release a more typically attired Seven of Nine, but that hasn't reached market yet, so this will be their first Voyager release. Entertainment Earth are taking pre-orders, if Seven doesn't sell out then any remaining stock will be shipped after Comic Con (which is later this month).

Coming later in the year will be the first Star Trek release from a new Trek licensee, The Wonderland Toy Company. Wonderland have several different ranges, and their first Star Trek release will be part of their Big Talker line, which are large (seventeen inch) action figures with sound features playing memorable lines.  Due out in November, according to Things From Another World, will be the latest in the Star Trek/The Big Bang Theory cobranded range, a Big Talker version of Sheldon Cooper, dressed as Spock. Wonderland posted the following image on their website:

Finally, and most immediately available, Cubify have launched a new customisable 3D-printed figurine, the Star Trek Mini. Like their previous TOS and TNG uniform figurines, you are able to have your face added by uploading a photo, but for these new smaller figurines (two inches tall) the body is based on a template, with you being able to turn yourself into either Spock or Uhura. Continue after the jump for a video showing how is works:

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