Sunday 29 June 2014

Drex Files: Vulcan D’Vahl type fighter

A few days ago we had a look at Doug Drexler's concept for a 20th century Vulcan ship for the episode Carbon Creek. Alas that design wasn't used in the final episode, so I thought it would be a good time for the Drex Files in Exile to look at the design that did make it to Earth to collect T'Pol's second foremother. Here's what Doug had to say about this suitably retro looking space-age ship:
The D’Vahl exhibited a rotund penquiny quality fused with the Vulcan lander from “First Contact”, and Chesley Bonnestell’s moonship from Destination Moon. Most notably seen in “Carbon Creek”. The model was later re-used in “Storm front II” where it appeared as one of the welcoming ships in orbit of Earth and in “Kir’shara” and “Awakening”.

Continue after the jump for more views of the ship, and a look at it in action in Enterprise episodes:

The ship first appeared in Carbon Creek, in an ET-esque rescue of Vulcans stuck on 1950s Earth:

Ships of the class were seen again in the 22nd century, most prominently in the episode Awakening, when two of them fired on an Enterprise shuttlepod. More were seen in the following episode, Kirshara, as part of a Vulcan fleet.

All episode screencaps obtained from TrekCore's fantastic archive.

Come back soon for more reports from the Drex Files in Exile, including more ships from the Vulcan fleet, among many other topics. Meanwhile for more Drex Files, check out our index page here on The Trek Collective. And for more from Doug, you can befriend him on Facebook, where you'll find lots more from his work on Star Trek, and more.


Robert Bonchune said...

Well, whomever wrote this article either did not do any research or is deliberately misleading fans about the design and creation of this ship design(and literally 99% of any image labeled "drexfiles"

8of5 said...

Is that The Robert Bonchune? I worked with Doug Drexler to make the Drex Files in Exile posts to try and get some of the old content from his blog back online. I have some awareness there was some dispute about attribution that caused him to take down the original blog, and so he delabeled some of the images when he supplied them to me for reposting - Not so in this case evidently. As far as I'm aware there's not a lot more information about this design around though, so I'd be glad to fill in more details if there's more to say about how this ship came to be - Please do get in touch:

Robert Bonchune said...

Love to speak more about this, however the links you said to write you do not work.

Robert Bonchune said...

I would love to speak further, however the link you wrote does not work.

8of5 said...

It's an email, :)

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