Thursday 5 June 2014

Book bits: Titan, Lost Era, and a very Klingon German Christmas

Ready for a new voyage of the USS Titan? Well good news, James Swallow has confirmed his next novel with be his third entry in the Titan series, and will be titled Sight Unseen. No other details yet.

There is much to see about the latest novel release though, David R. George III's Enterprise-B Lost Era novel, One Constant Star. This book is out now, and if you haven't got a copy already, Simon and Schutser ahve an excerpt from chapter one up on their website. also recently interviewed George about the book; he gave this summary:
One Constant Star involves the notion of responsibility—to a person's sworn duty, to their loved ones, and to themselves. Both Demora Sulu and John Harriman, as well as the people around them, find themselves in difficult situations, without obvious or easy solutions. I explore how they react and the motivations behind the choices they make. For all of that, though, it's a tale with quite a bit of action.
George also mentioned his is currently at work on a 24th century novel, and already in talks for something to direct follow that.

Finally the latest update from German publisher Cross Cult. They recently revealed on Facebook that they will be doing a German translation of last year's A Very Klingon Khristmas, or Frohe Klingonishce WeiHnach't, as Paul Ruditis' book will be known in German. It should be a good Christmas for German Klingon fans, as this will be coming out in November, with The Klingon Art of War following in December.

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