Monday 17 February 2014

Trekwear for lounging ladies

ThinkGeek have added several new clothing items to their Star Trek offering: Four new ladies garments for wearing to bed, and general lounging around at home. For the most minimalist look (if worm with nothing else), they have new TOS uniform inspired panties, available in all three department colours of course:

The rest of the new items have all been created by The Robe Factory. They include a satin rope, which being inspired by Uhura's uniform is only available in red:

There are also sleep shirts, also loosely modelled on the miniskirt uniform, or if you prefer, pajama sets, for a top and trousers version of the uniform. Both options are available to command, science, and operations personnel alike:

All the above items are available from ThinkGeek now, as are similar previously released male/less-fitted options for those who prefer not to wear miniskirts and panties.

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