Wednesday 19 February 2014

New artwork for the Star Trek attraction at Paramount Park in Spain

As I first reported in 2011, there are plans afoot for a Paramount theme park in Murcia, Spain. Those plans include a sci-fi themed area, with a focus on Star Trek (and War of the Worlds). The "Plaza Futura" will include a retro futuristic square, leading into the "Starfleet Recruitment Center Spain", which will include a 3D simulator ride - From the artwork this appears to be a shuttle ride around the nuTrek Spacedock, possibly with an alien attack. There will also be the "Warp Speed ​​Coaster" a thirty meter tall roller coaster, six-hundred-and-fifty meter long, and one-hundred kilometer-per-hour roller coaster, which will also have an underground segment.

With the park still tentatively scheduled to open in 2015, work is still yet to really get going, with just landscaping started last year. However that's not stopped the backers of the Park in ramping up promotion recently, with a new brochure and images on their website. Which means we can get a better idea of the Star Treky goodness coming to Spain.

The most heavily Star Trek inspired part of the Park is definitely the Starfleet Recruitment Center, which will be getting nuTrek inspired interiors to wonder through on your way to the shuttle ride:

We can also get a glimpse of what to expect from that ride:

Continue after the jump for a look at the roller coaster, and exterior of the plaza:

The embarkation point for the Warp Speed Coaster appears to have plenty of warp cores to keep the roller coaster going:

There are lots of shiny new renders of the exterior. I believe the pointy structure with the Starfleet emblem on top must be the Starfleet Recruitment Center, while across the plaza you can see the tops of the three warp cores at the entrance to the Warp Speed Coaster:

If you're interested in the other attractions at Paramount Park, Theme Park Zone have posted the entire brochure, including details of sections of the park based on Mission Impossible, Grease, The Godfather, Rango, Sleepy Hollow, Stardust, and The Spiderwick Chronicles. You can also find more images of the rest of the park on Disney and More. If you're interested in day to day updates on the attraction, then local news site Murcia Today has extensive coverage on the latest developments in the building and local bureaucracy surrounding the endeavour.

For more on the Star Trek elements of Paramount Park, see my previous report, with earlier released artwork for Plaza Futura. And keep an eye on my attractions label for the latest news on Paramount Park Mrucia, as well as similar attractions with Star Trek features coming to England and Jordan.

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