Tuesday 4 February 2014

From Cyrano, with love

Between QMx and DST we've had tribbles in whitle, grey, beige, and brown, recently imported from Iota Geminorum IV. But one notable breed of tribble has been absent until now, the distinctive pink variety featured in The Animated Series tribble episode, More Tribbles, More Troubles. ThinkGeek have now obtained a supply of that rare breed. It would seem the chief tribble trader, Cyrano Jones, has teamed up with another infamous galactic rogue, as these eight-inch specimens not only feature electronic purring and vibrating effects, but also appear to come with a dose of one of Harry Mudd's love potions, manifested in the form of heart-shaped deely-boppers (which for the less romantic among you, are removable).

This little pink ball of love is available from ThinkGeek now, in time for Valentines day of course. Alas they don't seem to be offering the giant sized relative from the same TAS episode. For that I recommend finding an appropriately coloured furry bean bag - I have one at the center of my tribble family and it looks just the part.

In other ThinkGeek news, they have also recently added the USS Enterprise projection alarm clock to their range, and as ever have taken some good photos to illustrate it; which gives us a much better idea of what it actually looks like than the previously released mock-up images. Continue after the jump for a look at that:

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