Wednesday 23 January 2013

More Trek books coming in German

It's a good time to be a Star Trek fan in Germany, with oddles of books on the way from Cross Cult and other publishers. UnrealitySF's Jens Defner has pointed me to some of the updates coming from Cross Cult:

Cross Cult's release of the original Typhon Pact series is due to start in June, and now they have released (on the Star Trek Romane website) the finalised cover art for the series. Here's the tetraptych of covers for the whole series:

Aside from the addition of titles there are just a couple of alterations from the previous version: The Saber class has been turned around so it's no longer running away from the Borg on Bestien (Rough Beasts of Empire); and a different image of Ezri has been used on Nullsummenspiel (Zero Sum Game).

Here's a closer look at the Feuer (Seize the Fire) cover from the Star Trek Romane Facebook page, the rest of the series will probably be posted over the next few days/weeks:

Cross Cult have also amended their design for Der Friedensstifter (Mudd In Your Eye), as they weren't allowed to use the previous version with Harry Mudd on the cover due to likeness rights issues. So they've made Kirk's head bigger to fill the gap. This one is due out about now:

Cross Cult also have some new comics on the way; coming on May 6th is the omnibus edition of Countdown to Darkness. They've posted their version of the cover, translating the byline at the top, but seem to be keeping the title in English. This release will apparently see the return to a simultaneous paperback and hardcover release of comics from Cross Cult, which hopefully will mean a cool new variant cover for the hardcover (their previous hardcovers have been pretty snazzy).

In addition to the omnibus version they have also announced plans to publish issue one, as part of the free comic book day promotion, which comes a few days after the omnibus release, on the 11th of May.

As well as Countdown to Darkness, Cross Cult are continuing with the release of the Star Trek ongoing series in German, with the second omnibus due in April. This one is only coming in paperback, so I guess the hardcover treatment is for special cases now.

Cross Cult aren't the only publisher doing Trek in Germany, Heel, who previously published German Trek novels themselves, and most recently offered the German version of the Haynes Enterprise Manual, are returning with the Klingon/German dictionary, due in April. This appears to be a reissue of the German version of the Klingon Dictionary, which came out in 1998. It has a slightly rearranged cover - They've dropped the Klingon image, and rearranged the remaining elments somewhat:

Meanwhile coming from Panini Books in May is a German translation of the Star Trek Vault book, which has been rechristened Star Trek Archive: 40 Jahre Sci-Fi-Kult.

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