Wednesday 30 January 2013

Latest Star Trek curiosities from Westland Giftware

Westland Giftware have updated their website with listings of several new Star Trek products, which should soon be joining their eclectic range. The new items include the latest addition to the troupe of weird Star Trek things shaped like the USS Enterprise; a Star Trek perpetual calendar, with the month display occupying a could-be cargo container slung between the Enterprise's warp nacelles:

Another presentation of the Enterprise comes in the form of Westland's latest Star Trek salt and pepper shaker set. This third salt and pepper Enterprise comes coupled with a Romulan Bird of Prey (previously she's been available with a Klingon D7, or shuttlecraft):

Continuing another ongoing line, Doctor McCoy is set to join Kirk and Spock as the latest bust in Westland's range of Star Trek cookie jars. I guess he's ready for storing your bourbon biscuits (I suspect Kirk prefers a hobnob. Maybe Digestives for Mr Spock?).

Also on the way is Westland's third Star Trek snow globe, this time featuring a Starfleet delta:

And finally there's something new in the form of two trinket boxes, featuring Spock or Kirk in deltas on the lids, with suitably matching catch-phrases on the container:

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