Friday 25 January 2013

Cross Cult updates Typhon Pact covers, again

A couple of days ago I posted what I thought were the final covers for Cross Cult's German translation of the original Typhon Pact series. But it seems they weren't quite done. They have now released higher res versions of the rest of the series, and the cover for Nullsummenspiel (Zero Sum Game) has its third version of Ezri. They've also fixed an error in swapping the uniform collar colours for Ezri and Bashir.

I suspect either Nullsummenspiel or  Feuer (Seize the Fire) will change again, as the most recent version of the Feuer cover features the shoulder of Ezri seen in the second version of the Nullsummenspiel cover. I think this most recent portrait of Ezri is the best version so far, so am hoping this is the final one!

Cross Cult also posted larger versions of the final (maybe) covers for Bestien (Rough Beasts of Empire), and Zwietracht (Paths of Disharmony):


As they previously did with the Destiny and Crucible cover art, they plan to make the tetraptych of the series available as a poster print at a convention, and then online.

1 comment:

Dan Gunther said...

Ooh, I really like Ezri's look on this one! Very cool.

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