Wednesday 21 March 2012

Updated Raise the Dawn cover

Simon and Schutser have updated their listings for Raise the Dawn, now giving it the final title as part of the Typhon Pact series (rather than "Chain of Destiny"). Higher res cover:

I'm still imagining this to be the proposed Starfleet shipyards in the Bajor system. I've seen other suggestions including a replacement for DS9, or a starbase for the Gamma Quadrant terminus of the Bajoran wormhole. Any thoughts? It has the number 173 all over it whatever it is.

In other Simon and Schuster news: The untitled TNG ebook coming in December is now available for pre-order from, and


Anonymous said...

We did see similar stations at Utopia Planitia in "Relativity" (VOY), so I would agree that it's likely a shipyard.

I can't imagine that the writers would decide to phase out DS9 itself.

8of5 said...

I can imagine it might happen, one day, but probably not in something less than a mega-event. Then again they offed Janeway quietly in a TNG book, so you never know...

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