Wednesday 14 March 2012

New versions of the Odyssey class coming to Star Trek Online

Cryptic have announced the release of three new "advanced" variants of the Odyssey class (the Enterprise-F's class). There will be one variant for each of the main Starfleet divisions. Here's how they describe them:
The pinnacle of Federation starship design, the Advanced Odyssey Cruisers improve on the base Odyssey Star Cruiser design, with improved Bridge Officer seating, console slots and special abilities.

The Advanced Odyssey Cruisers include the Odyssey Tactical Cruiser, Odyssey Operations Cruiser and Odyssey Science Cruiser. Like the base model, the Advanced Odyssey Cruisers are the largest vessels ever created by Starfleet. Their massive size makes them very resilient, but their turn rate is reduced by their bulk.

The Odyssey's unique split saucer pylon reduces subspace turbulence, which allows higher warp speeds and increases the length of time that the ship can maintain Slipstream Drive. The Advanced Odyssey Cruisers are designed as extreme long-range vessels, and can operate for long periods of time away from support. Because of this, they are the most versatile cruisers ever developed by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. All three feature Universal Lieutenant Commander and Universal Ensign Bridge Offer Stations that can by operated by any Bridge Officer class!

Each Advanced Odyssey Cruiser comes with its own special console. These consoles may be equipped on any of the Advanced Odyssey Cruisers in any console slot, and each is part of the Odyssey Set. While they may not be equipped on the standard Odyssey Cruiser or any other ship, the 3-piece set bonus decreases the recharge time of all Odyssey console abilities. It also improves your Starship EPS, Starship Hull Plating, and Starship Armor Reinforcements Skills. Finally, this bonus also slightly increases your Odyssey's Turn Rate.
Operations cruiser
The Odyssey Operations Cruiser features a bonus engineering console slot (for a total of 10 console slots). It comes equipped with a Chevron Separation universal console module. This console allows you to separate your Odyssey's chevron saucer and stardrive sections. The saucer will follow you and attack your targets. You pilot the stardrive section, which gains a boost to weapons power and increased speed and maneuverability.
Science cruiser
The Odyssey Science Cruiser features a bonus science console slot (for a total of 10 console slots), as well as the Sensor Analysis ability typically only found on science vessels. It comes with a Work Bee universal console module. This console allows you to deploy four Work Bee CMU (Cargo management Units). Work Bees are small construction and repair crafts that will follow and repair your vessel or your ally's ship.
Tactical cruiser
The Odyssey Tactical Cruiser features a bonus tactical console slot (for a total of 10 console slots). It comes with an Aquarius Escort universal console module. This console allows you to separate the aft mission pod of your ship which will deploy an Aquarius Escort. The Aquarius Escort is a small powerful attack craft that will follow you and attack your targets. It comes equipped with Quad Phaser Cannons, Phaser Turrets, Quantum Torpedoes, and a Point Defense System.

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