Sunday 4 March 2012

Star Trek books bits and bobs

The Simon and Schuster website has been updated with a listing for a new book called Star Trek Classic Quotes, by Carlo DeVito, due out in November. There is a brief description:
Hardcover, leatherette with foil embossing, and a ribbon marker make this book attractive and appealing to many audiences. Full color pictures imbedded throughout. Quotes derived from all episodes.
Cover mock-up
Simon and Schuster and online retailers also now have listings up for David Make's TNG trilogy, Cold Equations. So if you want keep really ahead of the game, that can now be pre-ordered:


TDrake said...

A number of years ago I picked up "quotable Star Trek" by Jill Sherwin. Is this an update?

8of5 said...

Well it's a different author, and has a decade of new Trek to work in. So hopefully it will be a different spin on the idea. I'm sure the best classic Trek quotes will be shared by both of course.

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