Friday 3 February 2012

Warship Voyager in Tactics, and individual ships now on Amazon

Wizkids have released a second Tactics preview this week, to mark the release of the game. This time we have "Warship Voyager", the variation of Voyager recorded in Kyrian history as seen in the episode Living Witness:

Unfortunately, this seems to be a straight reuse of the standard Intrepid class model, so none of the extra weapons emplacements seen in the episode are present here.

As the game is now out there are already Amazon listings springing up for the individual ships. I've made a handy list of all those already up. There should be more to come though, as the previews so far suggest the following missing ships are also part of the initial wave: IKS Gr'oth, Regency One, IKS Maht-H'a, USS Enterprise-E, Warship Voyager (assuming there is a standard Voyager as well), and one of the two versions of the USS Reliant. Also suspiciously absent is the USS Enterprise-D, and as these ships are reusing the Fleet Captains molds, which included a Galaxy class, I would surprised if that didn't turn up too.

Those already up include a USS Montgolfier; has anyone ever heard of this ship? It's Saber class, but doesn't ring a bell to me, and neither Memory Alpha or Memory Beta seem to list it either.

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