Saturday 11 February 2012

Details of David Mack's next trilogy: Cold Equations

The latest issue of the Star Trek Magazine includes a run down of this year's novel releases, which finally reveals titles and descriptions for David Mack's TNG trilogy, which is to be titled Cold Equations. Here's the descriptions of each book in the trilogy:
In Book I: The Persistence of Memory, Picard and the Enterprise crew try to stop the Typhon Pact from raising an army of androids. Book II: Silent Weapons sees the Enterprise crew race to avert the assassination of the Federation president - only to confront an even greater conspiracy. Finally, in Book III: The Body Electric, Picard and his crew must stop a massive sentient machine from unleashing a catastrophe that will exterminate all organic life in the galaxy.
David Mack promises life changing events for the TNG crew, and to once again set the stage for their continuing adventures. The article suggests the trilogy will be out from October to December. However the recently revealed Typhon Pact novel Brinkmanship, is currently in the October slot but is not listed in the magazine article; so perhaps this late addition to the schedule might push the trilogy back a month?

The article includes descriptions and comments from the authors for all of the rest of this years novels, as well as an illustrated extract from the recently release TOS novel The Rings of Time.

Aside from novel news, this issue of the magazine is focused on espionage in Star Trek, and is also the final edition from the editor Paul Simpson.

Thanks to Jim of Jim's Star Trek Books for pointing me towards this, as the magazine hasn't reached my part of the world yet!

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