Friday 2 December 2011

Star Trek Online launches season five

Star Trek Online's fifth big update, Season Five: Call to Arms, has now launched. The new features include:
  • Duty Officer System - A new way to build, train, and trade your starship's crew.
  • The Borg Advancement - New Borg invasion missions.
  • Klingon Gameplay Updates - Updated gameplay for Klingons.
  • Skills Revamp - Options to test your chosen skills areas and ship specs.
  • Mission Revamp - A new way to find episodic content and get straight into the action.
  • Lore Missions - New STO history based missions.
  • Economy Restructuring - Various in-game currencies have been streamlined into the trade of dilithium.
Full details can be found on Cryptic's announcement. To celebrate the launch they have also made two ships available for free form the Cryptic store:

USS Enterprise

Klingon Qorgh class refit
The Qorgh Raptor Class that has served the Empire so well in battle has been updated with new technology for the 25th century battlefield. The SuQob Raptor comes equipped with a Bio-Neural Warhead. This unique weapon allows you to launch a heavily armored tricobalt explosive equipped with shields and a point defense system that is piloted by an onboard bio-neural artificial intelligence. This warhead will deal massive damage to a target if it reaches its destination. The Bio-Neural Warhead can be equipped in console slot on any Raptor, Bird-of-Prey Raider or Destroyer.

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