Thursday 15 December 2011

2013's Star Trek calendars

Following Doug Drexler's reveal that a new publisher will be taking over Star Trek calendars for the 2013 year onward, I have been in contact with Rizzoli to get the details on what's coming: Universe Publishing, one of Rizzoli's imprints, will be publishing four Star Trek calendars for 2013:
  • Ships of the Line - Staying with the familiar image indulgent panoramic format, Ships of the Line will continue to showcase Star Trek art based around starships.
  • The Original Series - The other stable of Star Trek calendars will also continue under Universe, though they will be taking the opportunity to refresh the look of the calendar, and are adding a Ships of the Line style centerfold featuring the Enterprise.
  • Day to Day - A few years after the old "Stardate" calendar was replaced by a digital version, Universe will be reviving the daily Star Trek calendar. This boxed calendar will feature trivia and quotes from across the entire Trekverse, both prime reality and the new movie timeline.
  • Captain's Log - This spiral bound engagement calendar will feature images, quotes, and trivia focusing on the Star Trek captains, and again will span the entire franchise, new and old.
We can look forward to seeing what these all look like some time in the spring.

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