Saturday 2 May 2009

Star Trek Online 2387 and new Ship of the Line

The Star Trek Online website has been updated with new articles in both their Path to 2409 and Ships of the Line features.

The timeline has continued into 2387, and for the most part is a re-telling, and expansion, of the events of the Countdown miniseries, with a greater emphasis on general astro-political landscape around the comic series, notably making certain to save most of the major Romulan characters featured in the timeline so far. Read the whole update, here.

The Ships of the Line update gives details of the Type VII Commercial Laboratory, a civilian starship described as being used by a variety of species for all sorts of specialised research missions. See the full details, here.


tkhobbes said...

In how far is this timeline considered "canon" - i. e. in how far do the stories of the books & comics tie in (now, I realize that the ST Online timeline is probably more canon than the events told in books and comics.... :)

8of5 said...

There is nothing that is more or less canon; If it's on TV or a film it's canon, if it's anything else (novel, comic, game, etc) it is not. It's as simple as that.

Unless CBS decide that Star Trek Online is such a big deal and/or hit that they need to reconsider that policy, the game and related web-info is no more or less canon than the alternate continuity presented in the novelverse.

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