Thursday 3 April 2008

Kobayashi Maru

TrekMovie have posted a report on the Enterprise relaunch novel series, including a couple of new titbits on Kobayashi Maru and the planned Romulan War story to follow. Including the release of the cover for the novel:

Not a lot was discussed that wasn't already known; The book will be a prelude to the Romulan War in some fashion and will attempt to tie together the evolution of ships and technology form the Enterprise era to The Original Series era.

What was newly confirmed, or at least hinted at, was that the novel would also tie into the Destiny trilogy in some fashion. The article also talked about the Romulan War story to follow, which was first mentioned as a three book trilogy, but apparently now might see itself printed in a single large volume (a single book, or three in one like the Mirror Universe books last year?). Exactly what format hasn't been decided yet waiting sales of Kobayashi Maru and news of any impact the new film might have on telling a Romulan War story, but the book(s) are still set for a 2009 release.

Read the full original article, here.

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