Friday 27 July 2007

Maybe TNG remastered are reporting something exciting, CBS have been working on tests for a HD remastered version of TNG. This has been a subject of much speculation since the TOS remastered project began and would present a lot of very different problems to those faced in doing the TOS episodes. The guys doing the work have hinted they'd like to expand the project to TNG before and it looks like it's under real consideration.

I suppose this confirms all the speculation over if it's even possible, TNG was edited in ye olde low definition video which, as I understand it, means you would have to reedit every remastered episode from the original film from scratch. The TrekMovie article says CBS are looking at both using tricks to make the low res effects footage high res or doing the whole lot from scratch like the TOS project.

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The Spy's Goodbye said...

A daunting task, but I think it's necessary for an HD future.

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