Monday 16 July 2007

IDW October publications

Comics Continuum has posted IDW's solisitations for October. No new covers, here are the quite interesting sounding blurbs:

Alien Spotlight: Vulcans
Written by Rick Remender, art by Josep Maria Beroy, cover bys by Beroy and Zach Howard.

In the vast Star Trek universe, many diverse alien races abound, and now they finally get their due! Presenting a series of one-shots, each by a different creative team and featuring a different Star Trek alien race. In the second issue, the spotlight shines on the Vulcans. A Starfleet starship arrives at a planet on the brink of it's own destruction. A once peaceful society is now savage and warlike "marching beneath the Raptor's wing" -- linking itself to the turmoil past of Vulcans.

Year Four: Issue 4:
Written by David Tischman, art and cover by Steve Conley.

On Viden 9, the U.S.S. Enterprise encounters a planet similar to 21st century Earth, where the population has a never-ending appetite for entertainment, and people will do anything for fame. When Captain Kirk and his crew become media sensations, the competing networks that control Viden's government won't let them leave, unless Kirk agrees to a deadly "finale."

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