Friday 15 October 2021

Lower Decks round-up: First First Contact previews, and wej Duj extra content

This week has brought us the final episode of season two of Lower Decks, First First Contact. Continue below to check our previews of the new episode, and all the extra bits and bobs of content released to explore last week's episode wej Duj.

So first up here's the blurb and trailer for First First Contact:

In the season two finale, the U.S.S. Cerritos is tasked to aid another starship on a first contact mission.

As is often the case, the preview images for the episode don't give away a lot of the plot. But do include some interesting details this time. This first image for example features Captain Sonja Gomez, last seen onscreen as a lower decker herself, an ensign in TNG, but of course very familiar to Star Trek book readers as a member of the crew, and later captain, of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers ship USS da Vinci, in the Corps of Engineers book series(ad).

Another interesting image features a new Excelsior-like starship, which Lower Decks creator Mike McMahan gave some details of on Twitter:
We have a cool new ship in this week's Lower Deck's finale: the USS Archimedes, an Obena class ship. Inspired by the Excelsior class (which is still in service) but larger with some other changes.

Looking back to last week's wej Duj, there was a very unique bit of extra content released following that episode going live. Behold an hour long ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) loop of the best joke in the episode, the Borg lower deckers doing their thing in the endless ambient sound of the Borg Cube:

One of the week's social media images also features the Borg, among all the other lower deckers featured on the many ships from the episode:

This week's Star Trek Log came from Captain Freeman, reflecting on quality time with Mariner:

There was also the usual Tendi selfie from the episode, this time taken on the holodeck climbing program:

This scene was also explored in the behind the scenes animatics video for this episode:

This week's easter egg video reflects on the Discovery-style RITOS T-shirt worn by Captain Freeman:

And of course the Star Trek Shop has offered up a real world version of that new canon T-shirt!

Meanwhile the weekly episode themed T-shirts from Titmouse Stuff for this episode featured a cool collection of starships, with helpful labelling of where the lower decks are on each vessel:

Titmouse have also revealed the bonus shirt in the season two collection, a Klingon rock band shirt, which will be supplied to people who signed up to get the full season collection:

Finally as ever there's a gaggle of extra episode stills released once the episode was in the wild, with more spoilery images, including an unusual number of starship shots showing off the various ships of the episode:

Lower Decks can be found on Paramount+(ad) in the US and Latin America, Bell Media services in Canada, and Amazon Prime Video(ad) most of everywhere else in the world. The first season is also available on bluray(ad). For more Lower Decks coverage check back through my Lower Decks tag.

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