Saturday 25 January 2020

Discovery season two soundtrack coming to vinyl

Lakeshore Records have revealed their rather splendid vinyl edition of Jeff Russo's Discovery season two soundtrack. The two-disc set features colourful, and partly transparent “Interstellar Splatter” discs, and artwork based on the season two opening title sequence. It's due out in March from Fye in the US, and Amazon in the UK. TrekCore released this image showing it off.

This will be a bit shorter than last year's digital release, featuring 27 tracks compared to 39. It seems Lakeshore have taken the opportunity to tweak the offering more than dropping a few tracks though, as there are also four new tracks not included in the digital release; tracks 15-18, all on side three.

Here's the full track listing, care of TrekCore:
Side 1:
1. The Final Frontier 4:32
2. Christopher Pike 2:21
3. What’s Wrong 1:28
4. All Of Them 2:41
5. I’m Coming Back 1:40
6. Flashback 3:30
7. He’ll Never Know Me 1:20

Side 2:
8. The Sphere 0:44
9. Questions 1:23
10. Airlock 2:04
11. Airiam in Space 2:36
12. Fiercely Loyal 3:06
13. What Do They Call You 1:38
14. Pillar of the Past 5:01

Side 3:
15. I Lied 3:56
16. Red Angel 3:29
17. She Was Right 2:57
18. Discovery To Enterprise 3:42
19. Goodbyes 3:00
20. Pike On The Bridge 3:07

Side 4:
21. Ready 3:15
22. Time Traveler 2:45
23. Goodbye, Pike 3:41
24. Spock’s Personal Log 4:43
25. End Credits (Season 2 Finale) 1:05
26. Many Mudds 1:00
27. End Credits (Lounge Version) 1:34
This release follows the previous season one soundtrack, which featured equally eye-catching discs, and several recent Star Trek movie soundtracks getting fresh vinyl releases. The vinyl revival is very much alive in the Star Trek world! Bring on Picard!

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Ralph Kruhm said...

That's really beautiful. Too bad I don't own a record player anymore at the moment.

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