Wednesday 27 November 2019

Two new Star Trek art prints from Bye Bye Robot

Bye Bye Robot have revealed their latest Star Trek art prints, two new releases, both from new artists to the company, with designed based on TOS and TNG. Continue below to check them out.

First up, from Chris Nielsen, we have In Awe, a dazzling and bright rendering of the refit USS Enterprise in spacedock:

And then, from Jonathan England, we have Ode to Spot, featuring Data and Spot. This might seem familiar, as QMx did release prints of this same artwork a few years ago. Those haven't been available for a while now though, so looks like Bye Bye Robot have picked it up to give us another chance to get a copy.

Cool stuff. This is a smaller range than Bye Bye Robot have typically offered in recent years, so fingers crossed they've got more lovely Star Trek artwork in the works for another release soon.

To check out much more cool artwork from Bye Bye Robot, have a look back through my Bye Bye Robot tag to find previous reports.

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