Sunday 3 November 2019

Lots of Star Trek Cats stuff from the Star Trek Shop

The Star Trek Shop has launched a new wide ranging collection featuring the art from Star Trek Cats. The range includes designs from both the TOS and TNG incarnation of the Star Trek Cats project, with Jenny Park's artwork transferred onto all manner of household goods and apparel. Continue below to check out your latest feline Trek offerings:

Both TOS and TNG are offered as sets of four coasters:

And of course you'll be needing mugs to go on those. there are quite a few to pick from, my personal favourite is the cute curled up cat version of the TNG combadge:

A slightly more subtle version of the TOS cat insignia is used on the Star Trek Cats notebook, one of the few items in the range that doesn't have a TNG equivalent:

One of the more obvious uses of the artwork comes from a series of prints, available either as canvases, or posters. Several different TOS and TNG designs are available.

A similar selection is also offered as pillows, for some cosier home decor:

Also cosy, but with fewer designs to chose from, are sherpa blankets, which are offered in either 37x57 or 50x60 inch options.

For cats on the go, there are loads of tote bags available too:

And of course, plenty of T-shirts - There have been many Star Trek Cats T-shirts offered before, those these have the cute detail of the Star Trek Cats logo on the sleeve too.

Speaking of T-shirts, there are even more new designs of those around! Earlier this year Trevco have added some slightly more creative interpretations, including one of their cool sublimated print designs:

Trevco offer most of their designs in more options than T-shirts, typically also having each design as hoodies, jumpers, and vests too. They have quite a few different designs in their cat range, I'm most taken by the tribble ones, especially as this first one is called "Five Year Nap"!

Finally from Trevco, an interloper, they also have a Star Trek dogs T-shirt!

These ginormous collections merely adds to the very large range of Star Trek Cats spin-offs that have appeared since the original books were published. Check out my Trek Collective List for a look at some of the other Star Trek Cats things you can find.

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