Sunday 8 April 2018

2019 Star Trek calendar previews

Universe Publishing have released updated previews and covers of the 2019 Star Trek calendar range, giving us a great look at all six of the calendars on offer for next year, which include regular calendars for Ships of the Line, Discovery, and TOS series, plus a TOS art poster calendar, and diary and daily formats. Continue below to check them all out.

2019's Ships of the Line calendar looks to be packed full of great images, with one of the most exciting thankfully offered as a preview image: John Eaves and Scott Schneider's U.S.S. Enterprise - Star Trek: Discovery, which gives us great look at the new look USS Enterprise, alongside the USS Discovery.

The back cover reveals the rest of the images in the calendar, with a pretty diverse offering:

If you're struggling to make them out, here's what we've got:
  • Front CoverOutbound, by Doug Drexler, featuring the USS Enterprise-E departing from new-Deep Space 9 (as featured in the novels).
  • January: Douglas Schrock's Assignment Earth, a really cool juxtaposition of two 60s icons, the classic USS Enterprise, and a Saturn V rocket launching (in this case containing the orbital weapons platform from that episode).
  • February: A depiction of an NX class and Vulcan Surak class, by Tommy Krafe - This appears to be a slightly tweaked version of a still from Krafe's fan film Star Trek: Horizon. (The image previewed below is the non-calendar version)
  • March: Alain Rivard's At Odyssey's Start, a take on the early scenes of Voyager's Caretaker, with the USS Voyager at Deep Space 9, while a Klingon Bird of Prey is also docked, and a runabout flying by.
  • April: Doug Drexler's collection of alien ships; this is a reuse of the back cover image from the second Ships of the Line book (see below)
  • May: A refit Constitution class among an asteroid field, by Jeff Summers and Mark Myers, whose work in previous editions of the calendar was made with physical models, so I would assume that would be the case this time too.
  • June: A TOS movie era version of the Kobayashi Maru (based on the Kelvin timeline ship design), in flames, as the Enterprise looks on hopelessly! By John Eaves of course, designer of the Kobayashi Maru.
  • Centerfold: Bill George's recreation of a Thomas Kellogg and Gene Winfield TOS shuttlecraft concept art design. It's quite tricky to make out what exactly is going on in the images; presumably the people touring the shuttle are composited, as the miniature built to make these images (see previous report) wasn't nearly lifesize!
  • July: John Eaves and Scott Schneider's U.S.S. Enterprise - Star Trek: Discovery, as seen above.
  • August: What looks like a catastrophic day for a Constellation class ship (perhaps the final moments of the USS Stargazer), as shuttlecraft fly the burning ship. By D.M. Phoenix.
  • September: A view of what I think is Dan Uyeno's USS Balmung, a somewhere between Ambassador and Excelsior class design.
  • October: Gabriel Koerner's alternate design USS Enterprise (an image that's been around a while, see below - The design was originally created just slightly before the Kelvin timeline films went into production).
  • November: A nicely arranged image by Matt Boardman of a refit Constitution class being flanked by Klingon Birds of Prey.
  • December: An image by Bill Krause, I think featuring his unique design, the USS Hood; it seems to be flying through something, although I can't tell what!
A couple more images have been released, the front cover, and the March page:

And here are some of the images mentioned above that will form the basis for calendar pages:

Ships of the Line is just one of the calendars available though. We've also got new covers for the 2019 Discovery calendar, sporting the artwork from one of Paul Shipper's Discovery posters.

The 2019 TOS calendar hasn't been changed much since initially listings earlier in the year, except for the front cover, which has gone all mirror universe:

Likewise the 2019 Poster Calendar has only been tweaked since earlier previews. But we do now have the back cover image, revealing the selection of Juan Ortiz TOS episode retro poster designs featured:

We've got brand new covers and preview pages from the 2019 Engagement Calendar, which spans all the Star Trek TV series:

And finally the 2019 Daily Calendar follow's it's familiar format, this year in blue:

The entire range should be available from August, barring the Daily Calendar, which is due in July instead.

There will almost certainly be more calendars revealed later in the year, as Danilo typically publish a separate range for the UK market, and Heye for Germany. For 2018 there were no fewer than twelve designs to choose from!


Tuskin said...

Damn the DSC Enterprise is beautiful.

This image of it doesn't appear to be based on the final model though, as it has a two pronged deflector instead of the single that was in the final episode.

Dan Gunther said...

Hopefully the fix the errors on the pages of the TOS calendar. The image from "Return of the Archons" is labelled as being from "Spectre of the Gun," and the final image (which is in fact from "Spectre of the Gun") is labelled as "The Devil in the Dark."


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