Thursday 8 February 2018

Vulcan earbuds from Anovos

Ever felt like you're just not getting the most out of a Vulcan harp performance? Well it's probably because your inadequate humans ears just aren't the right shape to really pick up on the find notes of the performance. But fear not, Anovos have the answer with their new Vulcan earbuds.

They have two versions available, with the newer wireless option having just become available. Each pair gives you a normal earbud, attached to a pair of costume ear points to enhance your own ears. Plus there's a built in mic and remote. The new wireless come in a slightly greener Spock-style flesh tone.

The wired version is a little cheaper, but otherwise basically the same thing, other than being offered in a more human flesh tone - That is so long as you are a white human; and I do think Anovos have really dropped the ball here. If you're going to offer a flesh tone product you need to offer it in at least a dark skin and light skin option (ideally more!); being dark skinned is not an optional extra, and frankly it's insulting Anovos have launched these without taking that into consideration. I expect better from a Star Trek licensee.

Anywho... On a lighter note, Anovos aren't the only ones who have had this idea. Netflix in Brazil produced a curious little promotion for Discovery, suggesting they had invented "Anti-Spoiler Vulcan Ears", a slight more techy version of the wearable ear points:

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