Wednesday 10 January 2018

Round 2 Models: New Oberth class, Klingon BoP, and Defiant, plus recent reissues

Round 2 Models are keeping themselves busy in the Star Trek universe lately, with several new model kits on the way, and a run recent reissues. Continue below to catch up with all their latest kits.

Tantalisingly, in a recent blog post they mentioned they are "working on another brand-new kit. It will be big, and probably unexpected" which they expect to release in August. But they're not ready to tell us what it is just yet. They have however announced something smaller already.

On the way is what I believe is the first ever kit of the Oberth class USS Grissom. They are releasing it at 1:1000 scale, in a two-pack of snap-kits with a Klingon Bird of Prey, which is also a new kit.

They have posted photos of mock-ups of both models on their blog, here are a few of those images, but there are many more on the original post, where you can also read about tweaks they will be making to these before the final release.

The Bird of Prey comes with two sets of wing baffles, so it can be built in either attack or cruising mode.

The two-pack, released under the Polar Lights brand, is expected to arrive in May. Apparently though the Oberth class is much requested, and Round 2 like the idea of doing a bigger 1:350 scale kit. This smaller release will be testing the waters for demand; so if it goes well, we may well get more Oberth in future.

They also considered releasing the Oberth in a two-pack with the existing refit Enterprise kit, but decided to save that reissue, considering doing it instead with a dry dock kit; so there's another potential release to look forward to down the line some time.

Also currently in development is another new 1:1000 snap-kit, the USS Defiant. Their previous 1:420 kit was apparently popular, but the molds are now broken, so a new version was in order, and they took the opportunity to make a new more accurate kit. Although it's a small model, just less than seven inches long, they've made it with clear parts ready for lighting if you so choose. Here's a look at the kit built:

And here's a fully painted version via Small Art Works:

Again you can see several more photos of the unpainted version on the Round 2 blog, and if you're interested in the development of the kit, you can see photos of an earlier mock-up in a separate post too.

Almost ready for the release, is the latest reissue from Round 2, the AMT 1:537 of the refit Constitution class. This set will feature an updated decal sheet compared to previous releases (but not full aztecing), plus a shuttlecraft model too. Images via the Round 2 blog.

This will be a nice companion to the USS Reliant, also at 1:537, which was reissued itself back in June. This has been retooled a little, to make it thicker than the previous release (in 2010). It comes with decal sheets for registrations, but there is also a separate set of decals available to give it full aztecing.

Meanwhile just starting to arrive at retailers this month is the 1:1400 AMT Klingon Vor'cha class reissue. This has some retooled parts, as the original toolings for the clear parts were missing. It also can now be mounted on the included metal rod stand.

And finally, back in August the 1:750 scale Cardassian Galor class was also reissued. Like Vor'cha, clear parts had to be recreated for this release, and they have also tweaked it to make lighting it a little easier. Like the Reliant above, a comprehensive set of decals has also been created for this, available separately from the kit itself.


Hyperion said...

Well, This just made my day. I'm really hoping they keep putting out some new kits and well as the re-issues.

Fox said...

First plastic model I ever built was an old Defiant model... dunno which brand, but it was big. I tried to paint it. It... did not turn out so well. I think it's still in my closet, somewhere. Love to give it another shot, but 7"? Seems like it'd be really hard to paint detailed panels and whatnot at so small a scale.

mark bernero said...

The kit will have decals for the blue,gray etc panels.

Unknown said...

A 350 Oberth would be amazing..ill buy one of these just to do my part to make that happen

Unknown said...

Any chance of re-releasing the 1/3200 D'deridex class warbird kit??

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