Monday 29 January 2018

Discovery 13: What’s Past Is Prologue previews

Arriving imminently is the next episode of Discovery, What’s Past Is Prologue, and of course CBS have releasing images and video to entice viewers - A bit more than normal even, with a lot of stills, and a pre-release clip as well as the usual trailer. Continue below to check them all out:

Emperor Georgiou once again features heavily in the stills released (some directly by CBS, and a few via  SyFy), as does Burnham, and Lorca; who manages to get himself a sword!

And here is Lorca in motion, provoking the emperor (via TV Line):

CBS have also released a bunch of clips from last week's episode, Vaulting Ambition:

For an overview of the series, behind the scenes coverage, and tie-in products, visit my Star Trek: Discovery guide page. Or for details of each episode, including links to previews and reviews, see my episode list.

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