Tuesday 22 November 2016

Fill your home with isolinear chips and LCARS displays

If you ever wanted your home to feel like a little (landed) starship, there are a plethora of new products this year to give it a little 24th century flavour; with LCARS displays and isolinear chips scattered about.

Most of these come from The Coop, who launched a large collection over the summer. The highlight has to be a fully functional isolinear chip (aka USB stick), which even glows when in use.

Isolinear chips are also available in magnet and coaster formats.

And there are more coasters and magnets featuring LCARS displays.

ThinkGeek meanwhile have a fully illuminated starship schematic. Two in fact, which can be switched between a single illuminated base, depending which century you wish to find yourself in. The light is USB or battery powered.

Finally, you can label up your home thanks to Bye Bye Robots new range of Michael Okuda signature series capsule label stickers. So far they have released two sets, one for labelling rooms, and the other for devices.

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