Thursday 21 April 2016

Starships Collection issues 77-83 announced, and other updates

Lots of updates from Eaglemoss' Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection for you today, including lots of new images of forthcoming models. First up, newly announced by, is the line-up for issues seventy-seven through to eighty-three.

Kicking off that run is the Romulan shuttle, seen once in DS9, which we have two new images of, one via, and the other from the just released latest round of solicitations of forthcoming issues (more on those below). And if these aren't enough for you, we have previously seen other images of both the physical model and new digital model used to make it. As is the case with almost all of these new announcements, this will be the first ever model available of this design, and it will be arriving first in the UK in July, with the rest of the world following along at the usual pace.

Issue seventy-eight is another runabout-sized ship, the quasi-canon Aeroshuttle. This ship has appeared in every episode, and none, of Voyager, visible on the underside of the ship, but never launched on screen. The new model is based on CGI created during production of the series, but never used.

Issue seventy-nine is the latest of the new TOS designs created when the series was remastered for HD, Harry Mudd's ship. The CGI model created then has been refined with input from designer Mike Okuda, who specified the ship's name Stella, after Mudd's wife.

We get our second design from Insurrection at issue eighty, the Federation Mission Scout. Like all the Insurrection ships to be featured in the collection, new CG models have been created to bring these back to life, as the originals have been lost.

Issue eighty-one is a welcome addition to the Xindi fleet, and one of Star Trek's more exotic designs, the Xindi Reptilian ship. This will be the second model ever produced of this design, with Wizkids getting their first with a much smaller version for their Attack Wing game due out in a month or so.

The final two ships announced had no images to accompany. UPDATE: The collection's Facebook page posted additional images, including: Issue eighty-two, which will be the Earth Starfleet delta ship, as seen fleetingly a few times in Enterprise.

By the time we get to issue eighty-three, the initial UK release will be in October this year, and will bring us the Bajoran Troop Transport. say this design "played a major role in the Dominion War", which is a bit of a stretch for any Bajoran ship! It also mentions it was originally a physical model, and later converted to CG. There are a handful of Bajoran ships that fit that bill, from the name I'm assuming it's the freighter-like design pictured. UPDATE: Series manager Ben Robinson posted an extra picture of this one on Twitter, revealing which of the Bajorans designs it is. Like the Xindi ship, Wizkids have taken the honour of making a model of this ship the first time, which they call the "Bajoran Interceptor", but the Eaglemoss version will be bigger.

That's all the newly announced ships, but Eaglemoss have also solicited several issues coming along rather sooner. Which generally means new images of the models.

Coming next month is the renegade Borg ship from Descent, which will be issue seventy-three. Models of this ship have been produced before, but not very many, so it's something of a rarity. This is our first look at the model.

That will be followed by the Bajoran Raider, but they haven't released a photo of that model yet (just a cover which you can see further down the page), this will only be the second model of that ship, preceded long ago by a little Micro-Machines version.

Issue seventy-five is the Enterprise-E's Captain's Yacht, the first of the recreated ships from Insurrection to feature in the series. There have been models of this before, but again not that many. If you want another view of the model, see another previous report.

The seventy-sixth issue in the series is an unusually boxy design for Star Trek, Neelix's ship, the Baxial. This ship has never been made before!

Covers for a few of these solicited issues have also been released, including that elusive Bajoran Raider.

Want some more starships? Well there are also an assortment of new images of recently released issues. From we have this new angle on the USS Raven, which arrived in the US recently, following the previous February release in the UK.

From Eaglemoss' online shop there are several images of what for me was a surprisingly pleasing model, the Federation Attack Fighter, which arrived as issue sixty-eight last month.

Also freshly delivered to the UK, and with a new image via Eaglemoss' shop, the Breen warship.

And finally the Starships Collection Facebook page posted these images of the Voth City Ship, aka issue seventy, which landed in the UK a week or so ago.

Still not enough ships? Well in that case you must visit Meshweaver, website of Fabio Passaro, who has digitally rebuilt many of the ships for the collection. There you will find galleries of his contributions to the series, including lots of images of the following ships which have recently been added to the site.

One final note from series manager Ben Robinson on Twitter. When asked if the Kazon will ever find their way to the series, he seemed to suggest they are coming, some day:
Maybe not that soon but I have plans.
I think the Kazon and the Vidiians are both conspicuous by their absence.
For a listing of all the ships in the Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, including links to all my previous previews and reviews, see my index page.

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ety3rd said...

Also absent: the Son'a. They've got two Insurrection ships coming now so why not the primary aliens?

Anonymous said...

I think he's mentioned doing all the Insurrection ships.

There's still at least 27 more ships that haven't been announced, and that's assuming they don't increase again from the currently planned 110

Unknown said...

I am very interested in the Holo-ship magazine.

At fist I assumed it was just a Federation freighter with a huge holodeck installed for the mission. But as I thought about it, having that huge holodeck would allow you the reconfigure your storage area into anything you need depending on what you are hauling.

Unknown said...

Mudd's ship looks creepy. They should've used the SS Aurora instead. Same ship but with windows.

David Rothman, GMU MSW Student said...

Are there any more pics of the 1701-A than what came out a month ago? Strange that there's been no showing of the magazine cover, renders, etc.

Gojirasaurus said...

I'm amazed how they dropped the ball on the Renegade Borg ship. I can't think of anything worse than to decide to add a grid pattern in the mold versus paint aztecing. It's awful, and completely counter-intuitive. Even a plain paint app would have looked better.

Unknown said...

Did they drop online access to the magazines?

The new website has no link to the magazines and online access is no longer mentioned in the sales pitch.

If they are not going to give us online access, how about as a download?

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