Sunday 17 May 2015

Books covers: Atonement, Ascendance, and posters!

The novel cover reveals are coming a pace at the moment, hot on the heels of the latest Seekers and Titan covers, Pocket Books have released a couple more.

Due out in September is Kirsten Beyer's Atonement, the final book in the current trilogy within her Voyager relaunch, continuing on from Protectors and Acts of Contrition. have released the cover, featuring an illustration of Admiral Janeway by Alan Dingman:

Here's a reminder of the blurb:
Admiral Kathryn Janeway faces a tribunal determined to execute her for supposed crimes committed during Voyager’s maiden trek through the Delta Quadrant. Captain Chakotay knows that the Kinara, several species now allied against the Full Circle fleet, are not all they appear to be. The Confederacy of the Worlds of the First Quadrant—a pact he cannot trust—is his only hope for unraveling the Kinara’s true agenda and rescuing Admiral Janeway. Meanwhile, Seven and Tom Paris are forced to betray the trust of their superiors in a desperate bid to reveal the lengths to which a fellow officer has gone in the name of protecting the Federation from the legendary Caeliar.

Coming in January will be David R. George III's Ascendance, a follow-up his forthcoming DS9 novel, Sacraments of Fire. David has released that cover on his Facebook page, which features both the new DS9 and the Defiant (with something exciting happening to it!), with the artwork by Doug Drexler:

Continue after the jump for the blurb for this one too, plus news of some new posters featuring novel artwork!
On the original Deep Space Nine, Captain Kira Nerys watches as the nearby wormhole opens and discharges a single, bladelike vessel. Attempts to contact its crew fail, and the ship is soon followed by another vessel of similar design. When an armada subsequently begins to emerge from the wormhole, it seems clear that DS9 is under attack. Kira orders her first officer, Commander Elias Vaughn, to board the U.S.S. Defiant and defend the station, and alerts Starfleet to send additional forces as her crew prepares DS9’s shields and weaponry for the onslaught to come.

Meanwhile, on the lead ship, Iliana Ghemor considers launching an attack on DS9 and finally ending the life of Kira, the fountainhead of all the ills in her miserable life. Her vengeance demands more than mere death, though—it requires pain. Ghemor refocuses, choosing to follow her plan to mete out her revenge on the captain by first decimating the population of Bajor…

After the recent run of cover releases, there is just one novel left this year that is so far coverless, Greg Cox's Pike-era TOS story, Child of Two Worlds.

Meanwhile over in Germany, Cross Cult have announced they will producing a limited run of posters based on some of their most recent cover-artwork for German editions of Star Trek novels. Available at FedCon next week, and online a couple weeks after (if there are any left), will be two prints, both featuring artwork by their regular artist Martin Frei. They will be offering the diptych covers from their edition of Greg Cox's Eugenics Wars duology, plus the artwork for McCormack's book in The Fall,

For full listings of the the latest and forthcoming Star Trek books, and links to all my previous coverage, hit the books or prose buttons on my 2015, and 2016 schedule pages.

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