Thursday 30 April 2015

Leggings, Hawaiian shirts, and more creative Trekwear from Mighty Fine

Mighty Fine have recently released several new creative forms of Star Trek clothing, including this glorious TOS Hawaiian shirt!

Continue below for more TOS and TNG themed releases from Mighty Fine, including leggings, ties, and a sweater!

Another eye-catching print comes on these TNG emblem leggings, with the emblems and stars in a metallic finish:

The TOS form of the delta also features on this knit sweater:

And the latest in the long line of uniform-inspired designs, three TNG uniform style ties, one for each department colour:

All of these and more Star Trek designs are available from We Love Fine, and the leggings have also been picked up by ThinkGeek, who as ever have done some good product photography, demonstrating them in action on a real person!

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