Tuesday 16 December 2014

New Primate Directive covers

Due out right at the end of the month is the first issue of The Primate Directive, the TOS/Planet of the Apes crossover series. To launch the series IDW and Boom have generated no fewer than seven covers for the first issue! Two of those have only just been revealed.

As StarTrek.com have revealed, Nerd Block (which is one of those subscription products where you get a monthly box of as sorted stuff) will be including an exclusive variant cover in their latest delivery. The ape attack design is by the series artist, Rachael Stott, and Charlie Kirchoff.

One of the regular covers is by Juan Ortiz, and that retro design (featuring a snazzy Planet of the Apes font treatment of Star Trek), has finally been revealed on IDW's new preview site for the series:

Also posted on the IDW preview site is a new piece of artwork featuring a gorilla framed by a Starfleet delta. I'm sure if this is another cover, or who the artist might be, but you can check it out after the jump:

The remaining covers for issue one have previously been released. They are, the other regular cover by Rachael Stott, and a subscription variant by George Perez. There will also be another variant cover by Tone Rodriquez, a sketch version of the Perez cover, and a blank sketch cover (the only cover yet to be revealed, not that there will be much to reveal from a black cover!)

If all the covers aren't enough to excite you, then you can also check out a five page preview from issue one, in an earlier report.

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