Wednesday 10 December 2014

Anovos' Enterprise uniform replicas

Anovos, makers of high end replica costumes, have announced a new range of Star Trek: Enterprise uniform replicas.

Expected to arrive next September, the replica jumpsuit uniform is based on screen-used originals, with all the original features, including a myriad of bespoke zips, the department pipping (available in all three colours), and an Enterprise NX-01 mission patch. The colour is based on the revised bluer shade, seen in the last two seasons.

As ever, Anovos are offering tiered pre-orders, with those who get in first getting a reduced price, ranging from the already sold-out first tier, at $375, up to the final price of $500.

Available separately, Anovos are also offering a set of Enterprise rank pips. The metal set of four can be individually pinned, to assign yourself which ever rank you please, and will ship in March.

And if you're planning a landing party, you'll be wanting a replica cap too, which Anovos are also making replicas of. These will be dispatched from July.

Continue after the jump for a closer look at the jumpsuit replica, and its many many zips.

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