Saturday 6 September 2014

Aliens trading card series

The latest range of Star Trek trading cards from Rittenhosue Archives focuses on Aliens. Coming in November, the new series will feature alien characters, exotic and familiar, from across the prime timeline. There will be one hundred basic cards, and a plethora of bonus cards, including:
  • Randomly inserted sketch cards.
  • 60 autographed cards, in 1 in 8 packs.
  • 18 sticker cards, in 1 in 16 packs.
  • Gold versions of the cards, in 1 in 24 packs.
  • 9 "First Appearances" cards, in 1 in 24 packs.
  • 9 "Quotable Klingon" cards, in 1 in 24 packs.
  • 10 alien ships cards, in 1 in 24 packs.
  • 6 alien badge/pin cards, in 1 in 288 packs.
You'll find five cards in each pack, twenty-four packs per box, and twelve boxes in a case. And there are further bonus cards if you're buying by the case:
  • 2 case toppers, either a Borg or Klingon poster design by Juan Ortiz, 1 per case.
  • Hand drawn sketch cards by Warren Martineck Card, as a 6-case incentive.
  • Painted sketch cars by Mick and/or Matt Glebe, as a 9-case incentive.
  • An archive box, with an exclusive "relic" card, as an 18-case incentive.
Regular and case-incentive sketch cards.

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