Monday 21 April 2014

Latest Starships Collection details

A few bits of news from The Official Starships Collection: Starting with the latest previews from, who have posted new images and descriptions of the models and magazines coming as issues twenty and twenty-one, the Klingon Vor'cha class, and the USS Enterprise-E:

The die-cast model is carefully based on the original studio model, and carries the original TNG paint scheme rather than the more colorful version that was used when the ship appeared on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. The accompanying magazine looks at how Rick Sternbach redesigned the classic Klingon battle cruiser for the 1990s and explores the writing staff’s plan to reinvent the Klingons as a cross between Viking and Samurai warriors.

Every time this Enterprise appeared there were subtle differences and the die-cast model is based on the CG version of the ship that was created for Star Trek: Insurrection. The accompanying magazine takes a look at John Eaves’ original design concepts and the complicated history of the physical and CG models that were used onscreen.

The Collection's website has also been updated recently, with a new images revealing the Vor'cha cover: also recently announced the next country The Collection will be launching in will be Japan, where it's set to start in May. The series will be distributed by Deagostini, and like the test run in Japan last year will feature more extravagant packaging than the rest of the world, with each magazine and modelling coming in a large box (see my previous report for a look at how those work).

The Japanese website is a different design to all the others, but offers the same basic subscription package with the same extra bits for subscribers. The Japanese site pictures a completely different design Borg Cube to that has been released to UK subscribers, or pictured on any of the other international sites, who knows if Japan will actually get a different model.

Finally, The Collection's Facebook page recently posted a survey for UK readers. They want to know how much interest there would be in a couple of extra product ranges they are thinking about creating. Specifically they have floated the idea of doing more dedication plaque replicas (following the Enterprise-D one offered to subscribers), suggesting doing the Enterprises, Voyager, Defiant, and Prometheus. The other idea floated is some sort of special edition of the Star Trek Haynes Manuals, which were written by The Collection's project manager, Ben Robinson. They don't specify what form this specialness will take; I guess we'll find out if the survey gets a positive response.

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Brandon's Blog said...

I really wish they would have based the 1701-E on the studio model for First Contact. The details in the version featured in Insurrection seem a bit more.. busy. But at least they didn't go with the ridiculous aztec plating design like in Nemesis.

Fox said...

Yeah... I don't remember the E having that much red. Or black, for that matter.

nwg said...

Looks like the Nemesis version of the E to me.

Sans said...

I would love to see a dedication plaque collection.

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