Tuesday 29 April 2014

Enterprise's final season bluray extras

Out this month is the fourth, and, lamentably, the final, season of Star Trek: Enterprise on bluray. Ahead of the US release, StarTrek.com have got the bluray producer, Robert Lay Jr. to talk about his experiences working on all the Enterprise blurays. Amongst that Lay also summarised the key extra features in this final season:
The centerpiece of the season four special features collection is the two-hour documentary film “BEFORE HER TIME: DECOMISSIONING ENTERPRISE.” This four-part documentary sheds light on the development and production of the series’ final season, still considered by fans as the show’s shining hour, with an amazing collection of episodes that finally helped the series fulfill its promise as the prequel chapter in the Star Trek saga. Almost every episode in this season helps bring the storytelling one step closer to the world of Star Trek: The Original Series.

To close out this Blu-ray collection, we’ve also put together another reunion piece: this time bringing together members of the show’s writing staff from all four seasons. Fans who’ve picked up the previous sets are well aware of the many drastic changes in the writing staff and creative direction during the show’s entire run. We felt it was really important to reunite the key group of individuals responsible for some of the more significant creative developments during the series’ run.

This feature-length writing staff reunion special tracks the complete creative arc of the series from its rocky beginnings to the chaotic and frantic development of the Xindi War story arc, and ultimately the highly satisfying mini-arcs developed for season four by writers and longtime Star Trek fans such as Coto, Mike Sussman, and Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens, who relished the opportunity to finally tell stories that could help lay the foundation for some of the classic elements first seen in The Original Series.

Since the show left the air in 2005, fans have been wondering about the lost tales of the NX-01 crew leading up to the founding of the Federation. Viewers will be thrilled to discover some of the incredibly mind-boggling plots and ideas Coto and company had planned for season five and beyond, including an origin tale for the cloud city of Stratos first seen in the TOS episode “The Cloud Minders,” a mini-series set in the Mirror Universe, more tales centered around the Gorn and the Orion Syndicate, and, more importantly, the complete details for the storyline cooked up by the Reeves-Stevens which was being considered by William Shatner to reprise his iconic role of Kirk… Tiberius Kirk!
CBS have also released an excerpt from the writers reunion:

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