Saturday 20 March 2010

STO update

Cryptic Studios continue to be busy bees; lately they have announced the details of the first major update for Star Trek Online, titled Season One: Common Ground. A full list of features can be found, here, but in brief:

-More player vs player features
-Greater customisation, with off-duty uniforms, stances and hairstyles, and a new Captain's Log feature to keep track of your's and other player's ship's activities.
-New Klingon ships: The K'Tanco battle cruiser, and customisations options on Klingon ships.
-New fleet action missions, and options for Klingons to play previously Federation only missions.
-New skills, and options to change the skills your avatar has.
-New buyable options, such as bridges, new starship variants, and extra character slots, and new character species: Tellarite, Rigelian and Pakled!

When the update was first announced it also listed extra features for lifetime subscribers (which have been removed from the list now), this included a new social area called The Captain's Table; sound familiar?

Here are a couple of video's showing off the updates:

Cryptic have also launched a testing version of the game, the test updates before rolling them out across the main system. This is know as "tribble" and they are offering people who do some testing the bonuses of receiving and assimilated tribble (which acts as a Borg-repellent) and a title, "Crash Test Tribble".

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